Blender Suggestions

Where can I suggest fixes and additions to someone who works on Blender? I have a lot of suggestions for problems I ran into:

  • Screw modifier needs fit curve and fit length settings just like array
  • Array settings for objects going in a circle instead of adding empties and rotating them (so annoying)
  • Better drawing and texturing tools
  • Equation objects like golden rectangle generator
  • Specific measurement tools with shortcut keys
  • A data path for a curve’s length
  • Many more options for Blender game engine (optional integration of object constraints, turn more Python commands into nodes for people who can’t code. we don’t have enough node options)
  • Official freaking object motion tools (animation nodes?..)
  • Time dilation tools with nodes (entire animation nodes?) instead of scaling keyframes
  • Better autoretopologizing than remesh. If any of these exist, then I apologize, but I know most of these don’t.

You can contact the developers here:

Not to be a shill for my own site, but an number of these proposals are already listed on Right-Click Select. A few aren’t there, though. If you have time to make a clear proposal (with mock-up images!), I’d suggest you post your ideas there.