Blender Suite

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have spent the last few days incorporating the likes of “Make Human”, “indigo” and various other texture plug-ins into the blender work flow. I am not into writing code or programing and I have found that I am way out of my depth.
I would love to see all these parties come together to create a stand alone “mega blender” that would easily install and have all these features included

heaven forbid “pre-sets”…more time to create - less time searching?

Personally i think it´s better every devteam sticks with their project instead of starting putting efforts into combining them, beside that i like this modularity. I want my blender small and light and load plugins or tools on demand… not one bloated omnipotent piece of software.

Hi, Blender is not unlike any other program.
Generally if you want to extend the functionality,
this means installing plugins, scripts & sometimes external “companion” programs.
Even if it was possible to include all these things in Blender,
(Copyright & Licensing, getting all the partys to play nice.)
the file size would soon blow out of control.
100meg? 200meg?
Then all of a sudden Blender is out of reach for many users.
One of Blender’s strengths is that it is very customizable & there are a variety of add ons to enhance Blender.
Generally speaking, most people configure the add ons that will best suit their chosen niche. So, what may be great for one person, may not suit another.

I would like to see a Mega Blender of sorts before 2.50 comes out.
We’ll see what happens.

One other problem (read Bonus!) is with Open Source Software.
Development is often fast & updating any Massive build of Blender would be logistically a nightmare.

thanks for the feedback, I guess there are a lot of scripts and plug ins out there…is there a post of what users find most usefull?

ifx, we have an estimated 2 million users. A bunch of people find each feature/script/plugin/add-on useful on each of the platforms we support.

Blender is like a forest. You wake up to find yourself in the middle of a huge forest, and you can go in any direction. Each tree is a feature, and you can explore any way you want. As a Blender Certified Trainer, i would advise you to grab either the Blender Basics book or the Tufts University course, or simply start working your way through the wiki.

excellent analogy… enjoy the journey, I will

Also people can also write their own scripts that they don’t share. I can’t even do scripting.