Blender support keeps decreasing attitude

Hello, sometimes I check Blender donation number and it seems that since a few weeks before .81 release blender support is keep decreasing. Why would it?
I think that if Blender support will keep this attitude - then Blender is doomed. Blender foundation can only consider solid support income to sustain developers.
I am worrying about future of Blender development, or shouldn’t I?

Also, is there an option for one time donations? Can’t find it.

With the recent corporate donations, I think they have more money than ever
Here is the one time donation page :

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I know, but the support is inconsistent and some companies may decide to drop Blender support, and Blender Foundation will have to reduce their staff, that will lead to development issues and delays…

that would be really bad if it happens !!!

There are always people who will do it for free. Blender has gained more money, thus more activity and more eyeballs. More credibility will mean more people willing to contribute into the project on their own time. More studios and companies writing their own addons and code and possibly contributing them to the community. It’s all a virtuous loop. Growth begets more growth and there are really no competitors on the free and open source 3D DCC front to compete with Blender.


The risk in this kind of funding is always high. The individual contributions will likely constantly fluctuate and may need to be pushed if the Blender Foundation wants to keep it relevant. From my point of view this is very important, because the company contributions pretty much collapse if the economy isn’t going very well.
We still shouldn’t forget, that this is be best funding Blender ever had. Looking for ways to stabilize it is certainly a good idea!


Is there a one time donate option? Can’t find it.

Look up :roll_eyes:

I can imagine a lot of small-scale funders (like $5 per month) ceased their donations because of the repeated big corporate funding news, feeling their donations are not more than a drop in Blender’s current funding sea.

Of course, every donation counts, but I can imagine the feeling. I’m quite positive about the current funding status though, and agree with @ambi’s post.


:thinking: guys, last time I checked funds the number was about 107,5k but today it’s 106,5k a thousand less. And a few weeks ago the number was about 108k+. What is going on? Funds are getting lower and lower.

My sources is telling that the overall bad performance of 2.8x is killing the hype.

If that was the case I think we would be seeing the cloud subscriptions falling at the same rate. Yet they are at an all time high:

Well, I know a bunch of guys that were really excited with 2.8 before the release, with most of them supporting or willing to support the dev fund, but after testing and finding the truth about the performance, most of them are going back to their old DCCs. I guess this might have some impact on those numbers.

What is the issue with the performance? I used to work in Maya, switched to Blender and the major drawback I have is undo (which is in priority).

So they donated to the fund before switching? That’s noble. :wink:
I think Metin is right. The main reason is that small scale funders think they are just a drop and that there is no need for their money when large companies pick up the tab.


Editing high poly meshes is really slow in 2.8. Same thing with the subdivision surfaces, no gpu acceleration etc… Like you said, the super slow undo is insane… etc etc…

There are a bunch of threads on 2.8 performance issues, just search for it. :wink:

Edit: Oh, this video is fun.

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The number of individuals has increased from a month ago when Pablo did the new layout. 3362->3463. Fluctuations are normal when it comes to money.


I would be surprised if actual supporters were that short sighted.

Yeah, it’s a very funny video due to this is a 3ds max channel and NO WAY max works that fast, or they sped it up in the past year like 5 times. I used to work in 3ds max and the viewport was way, WAY slower that in Blender.
However I don’t doubt that performance of vertex moving in edit mode in Blender is a bit disappointing.

Edit mode is a lot faster in 3ds Max.

And Max has less trouble with lots of objects. You can test it yourself. Blender gets really slow at around 8000 objects. Max has no problem with 8000 objects.
Not navigation. But deleting or duplicating an object for example gets very slow.

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