Blender Support

I’m new to Blender, but have used Maya, Rhino, Soldworks, and others on and off for 20 years.

For a few weeks, I went through tutorials by Blender Cookie. These were great. But now I want to get on and create some projects of my own. I am normally fine for an hour or so, and then get stuck for the next hour.

The way I have learned 3D software in the past is to work on projects and when I get stuck walk over to a friend nearby to ask how to solve the issue. Right now, I don’t have anyone nearby to learn blender, so a few times a day I am spending lots of time trying to find answers via youtube and forums.

However, I get the feeling that I mostly need a little technical help every so often to keep me learning efficiently. About once a week, I think I need some artistic direction support.

I recently found this one to one phone support, but it’s pretty expensive. Anyone have any experience with this?

Would sure appreciate any advice… I really want to get on and make some cool stuff.