Blender survey

Hi,I am making a survey about workflow

What is the hardest part on making a scene/model

  • Modelling

  • Materials

  • texturing

  • UV unwrapping

  • Sculpting

  • Simulations

  • Compositing

  • Lighting

Post your answer on reply

materials and sculpting

i think you should add lighting !!! because its also one of the hardest part

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For me, it is UV Unwrapping.

I’ll vote for lighting, but UV Unwrapping goes pretty close.
BTW, isn’t it easier to make a poll? (just click on “options”, choose Build Poll - and you can make it one - or many choices)


Ok,I will change it

In my opinion modeling is the hardest, just because I’m not nearly as experienced with it as I am in texturing/shading/lighting

It really just depends on the individual

UV wrapping is the suckiest. Animation is the hardest to get right.

For me, UV unwrapping is the hardest part in Blender.

UVing, lack of tools and complete lack of UV subobject mode. (unless I’m missing something. tried to move a vert on the edge of a UV shell, was depressed the rest of the day)

Texturing could be a tad more streamlined as well, pretty hard to set up things without bpainter.

For modeling it’s so much better than Maya though, it’s not even funny.

Material and texturing.

Hence why websites that sells materials are very popular these days.

Combined with physics simulations/VFX/special lighting it’s even harder.

I personally felt UVing is actually fun and easy. But without doubt, I had the help of some really well made UV-packing addon. UV-Packmaster:

I would like to say the hardest thing is getting client approval…


For me compositing it’s the hardest part and always Iam lazy to learn

I find it is materials and lighting that are the hardest.
Materials and lighting is vital to make a scene look the way you want it to. It gives the scene a boost of realism if done correctly, but if not, the scene would end up looking unrealistic, even if you use high quality models and spend ages on the other aspects.

Edit: isn’t there a way to set up a survey thing here in the topic (for the first post)?