Blender SVN icon.

So, I don’t know how many people will find this useful at all. But for me, since I almost always run both the official build and an SVN build its always been a pain for me to have to hover to see which is my official build and which is my SVN build. Putting them in known places sure, but I figured it would help to have a slightly different icon for the SVN version. So, I took the liberty of editing the .svg for the default icon to create one for SVN builds. Fairly simple changes, just made it red instead of orange, and added “SVN” to the bottom in a similar style as the rest of the icon.

If anybody finds this useful, awesome. If this is a violation of the licensing: LET ME KNOW!

You can download the SVN icon here: SVN Icon (right click -> save target as)

Its not really a PNG, its an SVG, so just change the extension after downloading it (wordpress wouldn’t let me upload an svg file)


The image “address-to-image” cannot be displayed because it contains errors

you could have probably saved a preview .png as well, would gain more views. :slight_smile:

ok so I’ve exported it as bitmap in multiple dimensions ranging from 8x8px up to 256x256px. includes the svg file.

Good point… alright, I’ve uploaded an actual PNG to put in the main post. Thanks :slight_smile: