blender svn libs getting ffmpeg??

due to the size of the libs i stopped the svn pull midway and i have run into a problem

The node ‘C:\blendersvn\libb\ffmpeg’ was not found.

is there a way i could say ftp download the needed bits (im doing the mingw32 version if that helps)?

my goal here is to compile a current version with the clothing creation patch (but i want to do a vanilla copy first).

Your best bet is to finish the SVN checkout or see if one of the tarballs has libraries included in them. You want the ones that are bundled with the Blender source so you know that you have the correct versions of the libraries and all the paths are setup the right way.

i may have misspoke the listed error was what i got when i restarted the svn pull (i have bypassed that problem The Tortoise repo browser is cool)

now i have run into a bit of another problem when i start the run every couple seconds i get the mingw32 “no drive in /device/harddrive2/” problem. does anybody have a way to work around what google is saying is a BRAINDEAD error in mingw32 (ie a fixed version of mingw32)?