Blender swap.

What is up with Blender swap? I think it sucks. If I had any Blends there I would want them deleted. Maybe I missed something?
It takes to long to upload there anyway but Im not going to let them profit from my stuff. Was I at the wrong site? And they will profit. 10 bucks a month to use the search? Forget that. I don’t need it.

I think you may have miss understood its purpose…the paid accounts are so that they can afford to host the site and all the storage it needs. The resource itself is actually a very good one! Allows you to download over peoples models for FREE, and use them in your work or however the license is stated. Good for learning too! Thats just my understanding anyway…

Yes, the amount of bandwidth they go through is insane. X size of models by Y downloads by Z days, it stacks up fast. The money to pay for it has to come from somewhere, as the team there is already committing lots of time to maintain the site, seems a bit unfair they should have to pay for it all too, especially when we are the ones benefiting from it.

The storage must be paid. You can continue using it without paying but with a limit per month.
Calculate yourself the amount of drive space need to host all the models and the bandwith per month used.