blender system path from bpy issue

using the zipped 2.57 blender release available for xp.
I wanted to know the blender runtime location.
it says :

>>> bpy.utils.resource_path('SYSTEM')
'C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.57'

but this path even does not exist. it’s located somewhere else in RL.

workaround :

>>> bpy.utils.script_paths()

works fine, so I can start from here I guess. in my case, as script folder location is the relative default

do I miss something ?

from a new file :


does it

is there anyway to do it directly with 2.5 API
instead of using external module like OS ?

right on vista the default path is where the blender.exe is located!

so if you try to open file with no path it will read it only if this file is located in same folder then the blende.exe

any ideas on this ?

happy 2.5

Here is something on platform independent pathing.

I have used expanduser() as well.

so there is nothing yet in 2.5 API to deal with this ?
i find that very strange!

happy 2.5
works fine, with unzuppid blender releases, to know where is the blender binary. so also to know where is the non already saved new blend file.

absolute path to your current (already saved) blend