blender t-shirts

(sara) #1

more now than ever i want to buy a blender t-shirt.

why dont we setup a shop?

(Sprite) #2

You can create one at, send them the Blender logo, and print one out!

Or, better yet, why not have the Blender community design a T-shirt with a high-quality selection from our galleries, printed on the back of the shirt. On the front, print “Rendered in [insert Blender logo]”, or something catchy like that.

Great marketing tool. :slight_smile: And it could help raise money for elYsiun and/or NaN. We can also move on to printing mugs, mousepads, keychains, hats… :smiley:

However, NaN probably needs to be contacted before their trademarked logo can be used… I think.

(theeth) #3

I agree, that would be a killer T-Shirt!


(Riskbreaker) #4

Or maybe something like

“Reality through the Blender”


(dickie) #5

i’m down.

(Turkey) #6

I’we would buy an blender t-shirt, newer got the scance at the blender shop. A mug and a mousepad had been cool to

(Goofster) #7

Yeah! but lets make the logo removable. like velcrow (spelling).

that way, if ton chooses another logo (like he did before) we can just rip it off and order the new one :slight_smile:

(cough wonder if Maya has these logo’s toocough just kidding)