Blender Tangent Basis Smoothing

I am working on a project inside Substance Painter and noticed a lot of problems with Blenders exported meshes. My bake results inside Painter look totally different from what I get inside Blender. After reading through some threads on the Allegorithmic Forums I heard that the smoothing inside Blender is a problem and the normals there. To illustrate my problem I have created two meshes. One inside of Maya and one inside of Blender. Maybe it’s just an exporting issue. But inside Substance Painter I get those results:

Maya model:
Blender model (obj) but same results with fbx:

Can someone explain to me what is going on internally of Blender that creates such weird results. Also read those threads that go more indepth:

Thanks to everyone who is going to help :slight_smile:

Greetings rushlord

There is too little information to say anything. You should upload the .blend file you made.

So what is the actual issue ? What weird results ? What are you actually trying to achieve ?

Those threads a quite old so out of date in terms of blender exporting smoothing info