Blender TD wanted

Hi everyone,

I am Andrea Giro co-founder at Primal Shape an animation studio in Italy.
have a look to our website please:

We just starded working on a TV Show of 26 episode made entirely in Blender.

We need to improve our technical support for animators so we are looking for a blender artist with specific technical knowledge of the software.

A problem solver person to help us out with daily challenges.

Scripting and Animation skills are a plus but not mandatory.

The tipe of job will be paid full time job, as we need the support while the animators are working.

Time zone is the Italian one, for this reason we will give priority to artist willing to move in our studio (Naples or Pinerolo near Turin in Italy); secondly to artist living in European time zone giving a support in remote (fast internet connection both upload and download required).

To apply for the job please write to:

[email protected]

you will get an auto answer with the link to a google form. Fill the google form to apply.
We will not answer to the email as we receive to many of them, so let me thank you in advance for your time.

I hope to be working with you soon!



Ciao Andrea, grazie dell’annuncio, mando subito la mail per il link!
nel mentre qui di seguito trovi i link al portfolio:

Sono originario di vicino Sestriere, ho studiato a Torino e (per ovvie ragioni) sono bloccato in lombardia al momento ma genralemente mi alternavo tra milano e torino.


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