Blender Team Needed for Alchemyst movie!

I need a Blender team to join me in making a movie. This movie will be based around the first book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott. The Alchemyst!
I have permission directly from Michael Scott himself! All I need is a group of trained blender users or even someone who wants to try out for a voicing part. Post here if you are interested. I look forward to this project.

Seems interesting. I can’t help but look forward to the completed flick. All the best!

Thanks kbot!

Any economical compesation?

Do you have a project page yet? A blog or something? I can’t get involved myself but I’d really like to see this go somewhere. I’ve never read the books, but I checked them out on Wikipedia and they seem interesting.
Will this be an open movie like Durian or is your arrangement with the author a commercial one? You didn’t really explain much in your first post.

No not at all against my deal.

@Consideringthepickle it is open movie i do not have a page yet.

Interesting given the film rights were apparently sold… to the same guy who bought the movie rights for Harry Potter & the Matrix. I’m thinking he might not be terribly impressed (read: will have his lawyers eat your spleen) should this get anywhere.

You might want to check again with the author as to exactly what rights you have.

This once again is sounding like something that won’t go very far …

To begin, you don’t explain anything about your project and have nothing to show. If you wish to be attractive, you have to appeal people with a stong project showing at least some concept art, a synopsis or some lines about the story, details on yourself and your technical background (the only thing I know about you is your avatar picture !) and what is the purpose of your project : open movie, commercial publication … etc.

I hope you don’t find my words too offensive and if your project is really steady and serious, I wish you all the best.