Blender Test on Mac OS (10.6) and Linux (Fedora 20)


i made a new login to just tell other people what i went through in this test. It just to help people who are newbie like me, to OS and confused on seeing lot of threads on sites saying which OS is better.

Well i am using Mac OS most of my professional life and Blender works fine in it. Currently i am working on a project which is totally depended on Blender.

I saw many sites, and threads telling linux is better for rendering in blender and it even reduces render time for a considerate level. So i went in a lot of trouble to install Fedora 20 which i again heard is good in Linux . i don’t know about the scripting , tech geek mumbo jumbo behind Linux. i just took Fedora for test.

it took the basic cycles benchmark blend file ( which has some car in it) and rendered it in both mac os and linux.

My mac book config is its eary 2011 Mac book pro.

i7, 4gb ram , ati card.

in Mac OS 10.6.8

render time - 2min 57 sec

Fedora 20 (default spin)

render time - 6min 47 sec

well i may be wrong, well i believe what i see and i think mac is better in render timings than linux.

(i made a login for this because, i am not good behind technical stuff of installing stuff and it took me 2 days to install fedora 20 as dual boot [forgive my english])

well share ur thoughts my Brothers and sisters.

  1. Fedora 20 with default radeon driver have no support of OpenCL, in case you managed to use it in OSX.
  2. Did you compile blender yourself and use same git for both OSX and Fedora? Default Fedora Blender use older binary.
  3. Mac bu dafault use old pre GPL-3.0 gcc compiler or proprietary LLVM, it generate much worse binary code quality despite many load claims every year.

So, try to compile same git commit on both platforms, and check again.

Edit: just checked it myself, freshly updated F20, Blender from F20 repo. i7 3770K+default clocking (desktop, CPU only), render time - 2 min 08 sec

Please, try this OSX build (2-3 days old, but I will refresh it soon)
(it’s one that provides excellent support-performance on matcaps/sculpting/Psy-Fi’s recent commit)
It supports OpenMP, (buildbot still doesn’t, despite Jen’s excellent recent commits for OSX users).
I’m not sure about it. however…
Under Linux or OSX, blender should perform almost the same.
BTW, OSX 10.6.8. is almost 5 years old. Update it please. OSX 10.9 is free for you.

Just a quick tip. Before updating from 10.6.8 to Mavericks, check all your software is compatible. If you purchased any commercial packages they may not function under 10.9. Just an FYI.
I myself am running 10.9, but not in work as we would need to update some very expensive software and there just isn’t the funds atm.