Blender: Text objects are created lying flat. How to make Blender create them facing the front view?

When creating text objects in the front view inside Blender, they are created lying flat (almost invisible since they are so thin). They do show up facing the camera in the Top view. However, I need to stay in the front view. Is there some way to force Blender to create new text objects, automatically orient them facing the front view?
Thank you so much for help and Merry Christmas.

A couple of ways:

  • Intermittent: if you’re in front view, you can simply adjust the Align option in the redo panel immediately after adding the text object (set it to View)
  • Persistent (somewhat): in user preferences -> Editing -> New Objects set Align To to ‘3D Cursor’, then simply orient the 3D cursor so that its Z axis points whichever way you want all new objects’ Z axis to point. E.g. to face front view, set the 3D cursor rotation to (90, 0, 0).
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Thank you so much, sir!

That view alignment is a clever move. I would have just rotated X by 90 degrees.