Blender Texture Exporter 2.0 Released (2.8+)

Blender Texture Exporter 2.0

Hi everyone! One of the most challenging problems I encountered while I was trying to use Blender to create assets for use in other programs was the difficult procedure for exporting procedurally generated materials. It was both tedious and incredibly time-consuming. That is why I made this plugin.

Currently It Can Export

  • Normal Maps
  • Albedo Maps
  • Metalic Maps
  • Roughness Maps
  • Emission Maps
  • Ambient Occlusion Maps
  • Curvature Maps
  • Material ID Maps
  • Meshes (Individually or Combined)

How It Works

This plugin adds a menu to the Render Properties panel that contains everything for exporting materials.

At the top of the panel, it has options to choose which maps to export. These apply to all selected objects. Ambient occlusion, combined and curvature are affected by the render quality settings.

Blender PBR Exporter

Next, there are the resolution settings. These control the resolution of all of the maps that are exported. Then the composite maps. These allow specific mono-channeled maps to be packed in a user-configured manner and exported as (Mesh or File Name)_(Map Name).png

Blender PBR Exporter

The second to last setting, Separate Objects, exports each selected object into its own subfolder with its own textures.

The last setting causes it to generate new UV maps before exporting. (This is not recommended for objects that use UVs for texturing)

Where To Get It

You can currently download this from


Looks like a nice addon. Thanks!

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Most probably you already coded the settings, but if it’s not the case then I would like to notify you about that trick

Thanks, @Tosky!
I had not seen that resource. I’ll probably add that optimization in the next version along with another optimization (setting render samples to 1) that allows simple maps like emission to take significantly less time to bake (1:02 at 8K to 0:22 at 8K).