Blender Texture Fest

i came up with this idea today:

why dont we have a texture colaboration fest? where members have say a week, or a couple of days, to go out and take photos or whatever of good textures, then everybody posts them. it would be a good way to get some really nice textures into the community, especially as it seems new blender users are not very profficient with texturing. There could be a competition with a theme, or just a collaboration of textures.

what do you think?

I think it is a good idea, I like it. But I would prefere to make it just with fotos. I mean not to post finished tileable textures, but only fotos took for texture creation- walls, stones, plasters… :slight_smile:

The idea is, that there is many users around the world and some textures are available in some areas only. When we share our fotos from all areas, we will get excelent reference and texture database from we will download just what we need and create our own textures.

In short- lets make database of references, not finished textures or finished textures as second matter.

Let me know, when you have some webspace, I have lot of texture photos to share now :smiley:

I really like the idea as well, in fact I have been thinking about making a blend file similar to the one available for download at mayangs free textures. Let’s do it. :Z

Sounds great!

Do you want to standardize on resolutions? I have a 4 megapixel camera that can take up to 2400x2400 images, (I think :stuck_out_tongue: ). But I guess, the bigger, the better, right? :o


ooooh count me in, I have a 3.1 megapixel camera, so I can get pretty good texture photos to share.

Great idea.:smiley:

Count me in. Wait … 0.3 megapixel umpf :frowning:

Me goes looking for a better one. :expressionless:


i already have lots


Of course it should be hi-res with small or no compression. Main problem is- where to host it? :-? Any ideas?

Well, for images that I take, I can host them on my space at I just need to get out and take some images now. Will get some up shortly for you all.


My cam is “old”…I can take up to 1600x1200 pic with good quality…

I’ll try to take a few pics…I think we should let this not as a “fest” but as always-open competition…so anytime someone have a photo, he upload it and post it here :wink:

If I get my reverse DNS working someday, I could host a couple on my server at home.


let’s say. if I had a digi-cam… I would join this project :). poor me… if you can’t get any space could offer you some (arround 50 mb).

Let’s take it a step further and add a mesh download catagory. :smiley:

I’m in, not sure how fast I could get some posted but will try. I can do some we can use for HDRI type images, 360 degree stuff.

Top bananas for the initial idea GFX.


wow! i cant beleive the great response this got!

what i figure, is that it will all be photos, no pre tiling textures. That way, we can use the image however we like.

we will probably need categories, i was thinking:

Synthetic (plastic, nylon etc stuff like that)

any other ideas?

I aggree… as I said b4 I could offer the space. I was talking about 50 mb’s but this would be arround 100mb… just inform me if you need it. I would set up a ftp account, a subdomain (like or whatever).

I’d be honored :stuck_out_tongue:

cu guys

GFX Idiot wrote:

we will probably need categories, i was thinking:

Synthetic (plastic, nylon etc stuff like that)

any other ideas?

Yes,…Earth. (as in rocks and dirt) also, miscillaneous. Oh yeah, and planets would be good too.

Also, we should probably get this thread moved to another subforum.

another idea maybe “faces” :slight_smile: but we should have a unique head-model.

Thanks for the offer Chimera, that would be excellent.

so you can create a page where we can upload the images? choice. perhaps each “entrant” should zip their images into one folder so that i wont be so space intensive…

i agree, this thread sholud prolly be moved, but thats a mod’s decision…

oke I’ll do this somewhen today. I’ll put the login’s here. There are 2 possibilities…

either I create a folder with ftp access and the http access would look like (including subfolders),
or I open up a new gallery in my phpbb album mod -> this would be then with a little preview…

I dont think we should zip them…

  1. the diffrence is not that impressiv
  2. clicking on the image and seeing it in the browser is much more comfortable…