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Sorry for the double thread, i know there’s a sticky one yet,
but it seems to me that it’s quite abandoned… so please, anyone that wants to help Blender Texture Library to grow up, take your digital camera, make some good photos of nature, ground, buildings, anything that can be useful as texture or to build textures, and upload here:

No need to have professional cameras or to be a photo master, but please do your best. Good lighting, an interesting subject and sharp photos with a decent resolution are all that is needed.

Scanned images are good too, especially for leaves and flat stuff as fabric, paper… only a thing, please do not scan stuff that is not yours… so ok for “real” leaves, clothes and such stuff or some clean, well sized print of a photo of yours… but do not scan books, magazines, tissues with commercial logos or picturse on them, and such stuff.
(tnxs to Rore for the scanner tip :slight_smile: )

See details of licencing on the web site.

And last thing, pay attention to the naming : no spaces and put your nickname followed by underscore in front of the photo name before you upload it.

Example, user “JohnWaine” wants to upload “sunny landscape.jpg”.

Then he will rename the file like this:
or like this:
before uploading it.

And, if you don’t have a digital/not digital camera or a scanner… simply downoad all textures you want and use them :wink:

Thanks to Traitor that originally had the idea, to Chimera, Frozenmist and every one that has shared and will share his work.


that’s great! thx :slight_smile:

I have a stupid question. I don’t have any digital camera, but I have a scanner. And a few days ago I scanned some leaves (I didn’t found any good leaf texture on the web). Would someone be interested? I still need to “clean” the scan (the area around the leaves is grainy, I want to make it perfectly black so it’ll be easy to select it and remove it if someone wants to make an alpha map)

That’s right! Scanned images are good too, and leaves are precious :smiley:
so just put your nick in front of the image and upload :wink:

And i must say that the scanning thing is a good idea too! I’ve made an update to the starting post, thanks a lot Rore! That woul be great for paper too, and for any kind of flat and light stuff…

TiZeta - a quick question. Do we need to make sure the textures are tileable?

Hi Gcat!
No, they must’nt be tileable! You can make them tileable if you want, but not tileable ones are welcome and precious, they are “the default”!
I put (some) tilable ones only because i had a lot of them on my hard disk (and i have a lot of fun making tileable textures), but no need to make them tileable.
Only make them tilable if you like to do it!
The only “true” rule is that photos or scanned stuff is 100% made by you ( to be shure there is no third person’s copyright on them) all the rest is free.
And tips, suggestions and comments are always welcome, this is the Blender people’s gallery!

Thanks Gcat :slight_smile:

And sorry for my english…

Due to a server crash, frozenmist has been restored from last backup, so if someone uploaded some new textures yesterday, those may be missing… Also, the upload function is now at the bottom of the page instead of top.



i have a question. Can I use commercially the contents in the Blender Texture CD, published by NaN? Since Blender is OpenSource, these materials and textures are also free or there are some remaining copyright?

Explanation: Blender Texture CD is one which contains textures, materials and also the 2.14 versions of the software, trough a web interface.

Thanks a lot!