Blender Texture Mapping for Curved object

Hi there,

I am still a new user of blender. I am currently developing scenery design for one of the airport in Malaysia. This is soley for Flight Simulator (FSX/P3D) purpose.

I am trying to map a ground polygon with dotted taxi line but it always not in similar length especially for curved object. Example is as following image:

Does anyone can help me to solve it? I want all the dotted line to be in similar length so it will be uniform.

Thank you.


I think it depends on how you are creating the lines
I did it by array modifier for a rectangle which then followed a curve
This looks ok to me {see attached picture}
Maybe if you post your blend file, or the line part at least, then it would be possible to see why the texture is stretching

Best regards


Hi, sorry for very late reply. I found the problem is with my texture which doesn’t start correctly. Once I set that correctly, the problem solved. Thank you very much for your reply on this issue.