Blender Texture/Material/Model Repository Site Mockup Design

I have wanted to make a web site to house free textures, materials and models for the Blender community for a long time now. I now have the funds available to do it, and purchased the domain name (!!! I’m so lucky) and some profession hosting to go with it. I have been making some test designs for the website, and the one I like most is pictured below. It’s a GIMP-created mock-up that I think looks alright. Design isn’t my strong point, but once I find one I think the community in general likes, I am more than capable of coding it and getting it up and running. That means if you have suggestions, tell me! :slight_smile:
For people unable to see the above image, your web browser probably doesn’t have support for PNGs, a JPEG version can be found here:

The navigation bar will feature roll-down menus, with a stlye much like that of The roll-down menus will list the catagories for each section (types of textures/materials/models.) My goal is exterme ease-of-use, and a plethora of content. I know that several other texture and model repositories exist, but I think the community would really benifit from one that was easy and quick to navigate, and that showed thumbnails of all the content to make the exiperence as quick and to-the-point as possible. No one wants to spend an hour looking for the right texture/material/model :slight_smile: The car you see in the header graphic is the Lotus Elise S2 model of mine, that some of you may be familiar with from my past posts here. After I get some more content, I would like to have that pic rotated randomly with other ones from user contribued work (with the authors’ prior concent, of course.)

Since this website will be nothing without people contributing, if anyone would like to contribute, I would appriciate it if you could e-mail me, so that as soon as I get my beta version online, I can contact you and work on getting stuff online. It would be kinda sad if the web site opened publicly with only the 3 or 4 of my models that are worth contributing. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this post.

This is my attempt at paying back the community. You have all been wonderful to me, and I finally have the means to repay that. The coders gave me the awesome Blender, and the users gave me more encouragement and help than I would have ever expected. Thank you.

As a final note, the current design you see at was a quick hack I did in the GIMP in under an hour. I don’t really lilke it, and as it is now, it’s more of a “upgrdman’s homepage” than the repository it will be. What you see there now will be moved to a ~upgrdman subdirectory after I get the repository coded and online. I’m not very fond of the current design, but some people have told me they like the current design, and if you are one of them, let your voice be heard. I can always adapt it for the repository.


–Farrell F.
webmaster at cgartwork dot com

P.S. If you see any spelling or gramatical errors in the mock-up, it’s because the GIMP doesn’t have a spell checker. (Or not one that I’m aware of.) The real design will be written in gEdit or Bluefish, both of which have spell-checking :smiley:

This looks like a great idea, and your design looks good. Yu should look into php-nuke. It makes things a lot easier.


Looks pretty snazzy…however it sounds a bit like what does, except I don’t think they have textures. And of course, thier model repository is down at the moment due to bandwidth issues. You may want to consider that, but if you have the money :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t recommend PHP-Nuke. There are a lot of security issues with it. I should know…I had a site with it that got hacked by some Brazilian script kiddie :x If you want to go with something similar, check out (pretty sure it’s .org). They have a bunch of Open Source Content Management Systems to try out before you invest the time in setting them up.

Good Luck. I hope you get the site going.

Looks good, the background would be better if it were something other then white in my oppinion. Maybe a boarder around where the images go.

Show us the designs of the pages to which the links go.


Xoops is way faster and less of a headache to install over NUKE
Plus the modules are easy too
Hope it’s a linux server with remote admin you bought :wink:

Yes, and yes. :smiley:

I plan to code my own CMS. Two big reasons: it’s the geeky thing to do…I really like learning. I just spent over 100$US on books on MySQL, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. I have done lots of HTML in the past, but that won’t do for this, of couse. I knew a bit of PHP to begin with as well, but I wanted to learn more. So far things seem pretty good, I’m picking up on MySQL easily. I think I will be able to do this all by hand without any problems. If I end up unable to do the coding myself, I will look into those other pre-made CMS’s of course. Oh and the second reason was because I figured it was time to learn about SQL–I have heard from many of my friends in the field that dabatase admins are in high demand.

I should have a working beta up in about two-three weeks.


–Farrell F.