Blender Texture nodes

I’ve been trying to create an Iris texture, and ignoring the Check pattern, this is the closest I’ve come, but I’ve no idea how it works. :spin:
If anyone can explain this to me I’d appreciate it and might be able to refine it better, as I’m just plugging things in randomly at the moment?
The actual texture I’m going to plug in is the Musgrave/rigid multifractal, and cloud.

I know it’s maybe a bit off course from what you are trying to do, but I did make a blog post in the past on how I made Iris textures. Not really procedural, but maybe it will help get you towards your final goal.

Using hair to create the Iris texture of the eye… not quite what I was looking for but genius non the less… Thanks LiquidApe… I need to get my mad scientist hat on and do some experiments :smiley:

It’s wrong section for that and no attachments allowed.
.blend upped to ***
No nodes, but works well. It’s mix of texture and proper unwrap. Make UV map as ribbon by FollowAcitveQuads option and everything else will go automagically;) Just play with ramp colors and scale options.
Click on image to see larger.
Blend: iris.blend ~56k

thats the solution I’m looking for… hanks jawra