Blender Texture Paint 2.67

This thread is about the work Psy-Fi did to add to Blender, not about comparing Blender to an Adobe product. I think the ability to do that in Blender is more important that if it is possible in Photoshop - because I can’t ‘paint’ on my model interactively in PS, but I can in Blender.

You can paint your model in photoshop?
That’s good that painting is in blender, i am not hating this, i would like to see more viewport optimization then paint features.

Viewport stuff is a different developer’s project.

Interestingly enough, Psy-Fi is working on some other things to that end, just because he wants to. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Painting my model in Photoshop? I didn’t mean that, I meant that just because Photoshop has the ability to paint with rake doesn’t have anything to do with this feature since Blender has it so we can use it on the 3d model in viewport :smiley:

I do appreciate the quick edit projection for what it does, since you can use an external editor like Gimp or Photoshop to paint details or decals, lines, etc and project back onto the viewport and then save the image texture, combining them. it would be better if it worked in such a way that you could choose a blending style for the projection, but that isn’t totally necessary.

This improvement to the paint in Blender is just too fun to use, I have been finding ways to draw little cables by making a brush that looks like the ridge, and using the rake projection makes really cool cables. Even had one looked like it was a snake skin embedded in rock.

Sorry for being away from the party. I have to meet the deadline for new features.

I do not think that you understand the importance of such great work. Blender is the only real open source 3d texture painting tool, just this fact by itself is a great importance. Please do not mix up issues. Because you have issues with viewport performance does not mean every other feature should stay crippled in Blender. Psy-fi is doing great job with adding features and refactoring the paint/brush code



thid you see this

Yes I did, kgeogeo was kind enough to show it to me. I also have a few requests from him to make it work better. Support exec function for painting (technical), support out of viewport cloning and finally modulating clone color with brush color (which I don’t think is appropriate for clone brushes, however). My own take on the problem is stencil brush mapping (see This is different but similar to bprojection.

I’d like some feedback on the workflow actually. Currently I use Q, Shift-Q and Ctrl-Q to translate, scale and rotate the overlay (bear in mind that I need a shortcut that is available everywhere). I was thinking a few things on that:

  • Use just Q (or some other key, maybe X) and use R,G,S to switch modes.
  • Use the Right Mouse Button + ctrl/shift combos for that. Maybe overkill but I think using it for stencil is slightly better that using it e.g. for selection or color sampling.
  • Allow separate scaling along x/y axes (The data structures needed are already present for that)
  • Add operator to fit stencil aspect ratio to image aspect ratio (If there is an image used)


Hi. My friend Psy-fi i was looking the tool very nice to texture but the translate ,rotation and scale it can be the same as G , R ,S

Stencil is available in sculpt mode where the G-S shortcuts are already used. Plus R is brush rotation across all modes.

Yes , i know but
-there isn’t a way to use only for the paint system, only?
without altering sculpt mode and etc

The image on the stencil gets stretched on the Y axis just a tiny bit.

Then there will be hordes of angry users screaming that “Teh blender is inconsistent!” and “blender UI sucks!” :p. And they will be right. Would you like to memorize different shortcuts for the same function across different paint systems?

@ramboblender. This shouldn’t happen, unless you have a non-square texture or you have altered the texture scale. If this is not the case, could you share a blend (with the brush image included) that shows the behaviour?

Thats great. Its exactly like spotlight in ZBrush, in fact its clear they are copying its radial approach entirely, which is smart.

Often times I wonder if some of those developing for Blender take time to learn how other commercial apps are doing it in order to get a general perspective on what works and what doesnt work. Seeing that shows me someone did their homework, thanks.

why you just use the same approach kheoeo did is more accurate and you only need one shortcut to call the tool

Anyone have a fairly recent Win64 build? Buildbot has been failing it’s Win-builds the past couple days, has some issues, and I don’t know how to do builds in Windows.

I don’t understand well angry hordes and inconsistent why?.
if i can do the same like in edit mode T, M AND SCALE and the paint system like kgeogeo’s tool . it would be better for me
i did’nt have to memorize other short cut like Q, Shift-Q and Ctrl-Q to translate .

change shortcuts… yep, something really consistent… yep, yep… maybe… yep…

I was wondering that as well, more specifically the chosen use of on screen widgets and controls as opposed to another set of hotkeys. That concept is seen in quite a few applications. A good example is what we see in the video as well as say the transform hotkey in photoshop. ctrl + t = a bounding box which can be dragged, scaled, rotated…ect based on an on screen point layout. Its pretty standard across the board.

I noticed the development regularly breaks compilling for both win32 and 64 versions, happened several times since 2.66a release , hopefully as usual they’ll fix it in a few days.