Blender Texture test

Hey people, haven’t finished any of my projects yet, but wanted to try some texture mapping and painting along with some different node setups (its not even a project reallly, just a test I did in about an hour and I the painting on the wall is obviously not mine, lol), so here it is:yes::

Another quick modeling exercise I did today this evening:eyebrowlift2:, its sorta noobish, even for a noob like me to make such simple scenes and post them, but oh well…

btw, how do I change the title?

In your first post go to advanced and then change title and save.

Some other stuff I did:
now that I look at it… the scale looks horrible

Did you guys like the sword? - I just accidentally deleted it from my scene and because I only kept 1 save file and often saved over it, I’ve lost the sword… :frowning:

the sword was the best one.
can you make another better one?

Great images - you have talents. Now polish your sword err . . . I mean talent. Nah joking,. Good stuff - keep it up!

Great news! - I have accidentally came upon the TMP folder in C:/ and it had heaps of blendfiles and other stuff and one of them worked out to be a previous version of the .bled file with the old sword model :), so I got my sword back! I will polish my sword, and try to make a better one.

Hey guys, this is just a test, but which of these do you think looks more realistic and which looks just better (got an idea about that one ;))

A follow up question, when I apply the rust texture using stencil image and apply a displace modifier, the whole mesh gets deformed instead of just the rusty bits - anyone know how to get around this?

Guys a question, can I bake a set of different surfaces on a low poly model, normal channel to achieve alright results or do all of the vertices have ot be joined together? In this case how do I create bolts and screws for normal maps?
have a look:

I tried baking normal displace and full, but all I get is a flat surface… :confused: