Blender Texture Type for Game Texture?

Hey- is there a way to use the blender generated textures to texture a game object? When you apply a blender texture type (E.G. marble, voronoi, etc…) it shows up in a rendering but not in the game- Is there some way to export the blender texture onto the face of a game object to use it in the game?

I think I remember someone doing this a month back or so, try the search feature…

Have you tried “use Blender textures” in the Game menu?

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There is no “use Blender textures” option in that menu. There is a “use Blender Materials” option, but that only works for things such as color, specularity and transparency. However, you can easily bake textures, and here’s how:

Create a new image in the UV/image editor
Click on “image” and then click on “new…”
Set the height and width to something like 128x128 or 256x256
Now, select your object, and press F, and then press U
Select “Unwrap (smart projections)” from the list
Click “Ok”
Now, in the UV/Image browser, click on the two little arrows pointing up and down
Select your newly created image (it might be called “Untitled” if you didn’t give it a name)
Now press Control-Alt-B and click “Texture Only”
Now the material you wanted is on your object!

Have fun.


So it looks like the baking above creates a new image from the created texture that is mapped to the object as if you had created an image yourself, then mapped it to object.

Bake does all the work for you. Great!

Matty you seriously ROK, that is one of the most useful things I’ve ever red on these forums! Thank you! :smiley: