Blender the 45nm benchmark ;-)

Looks like Blender is used to test the latest processors on the market:

I kinda found that amusing. :eyebrowlift:
The description is pretty good too.


They definitely did not increase the number of threads for the quad cores, so those benchmarks are only accurate in gauging the power of the individual processors in the cores, rather than the entire processor. They probably left it on the default of 1 thread.

For example the q6700 and e6750 have identical times. The cores are at the same clock rate, but the q6700 has 4 cores, and the e6750 has 2.

So for the quads, the time should be roughly half of what it is in those charts, if you want a true representation of their rendering power.

Still nice to see them using Blender though.

someone should let them know about their mistake