Blender: The Anti-Drug

A cool, little shroom pic I drew up conceps for in English Class a while ago.
Funny, eh? Don’t Do Drugs!

hehehe…great…yes dont do drugs, not even the medical kind!!! theyll kill ya

Yep cool.
Perhaps work some more on the sky and background. And add some smoke from the cigarette.

Subsurfs is just super for making mushrooms.
(anybody remember this it’s my first subsurfs pic)

  1. pofo

Haha! That’s really cool , pofo. (my shroom looks cooler :smiley: )
I need help with those clouds.
I used the blender cloud texture for them, it didn’t work EXACTLY right.
I tried to add smoke, and it looked really lame (particles are complicated).

Pretty decent. I especially like the message. :smiley:

Hmmm…just thought of something…nicotene is one of the most addictive substances around…

drugs are not so bad as long as they are not addictive
i don’t believe shrooms are

the pic is kind of funny :slight_smile:

  • Stungun

looks a little dumb… but otherwise its okay… :wink: