blender the great

(nempko) #1

surely this is a useless topic. blender the great!

(nempko) #2

this is a useless topic to celebrate 1000 topics on elysiun chat!!
everyone reply needlessly. or give a moments of silence.

(valarking) #3

somebody delete this worthless piece of shit thread.

(Timonides) #4

Come on valarking…

Give this poor guy a break!!!

If you think you don’t like this Thread, just ignore and post nothing…

Insulting someone inside the “hate” thread maybe fun… but outside it, it is really inpolite!!!

Shame on you!!!


(Timonides) #5

hi nempko!!!

Useless or not…

It’s nice to have you here with us!!! :smiley:

Welcome on elysiun…



(Detritus) #6

Valarking: NOOOOOO! Not a new flame-war! Please not again! I´m still licking my wounds from the latest…

(pofo) #7

The thread does seem pretty useless though. Maybe it would feel more at home in the off topic forum. :wink:

(nempko) #8

heh, surely it is related to elysiun chat. I find it worth while to understand and recognize the progress of any community. The only reason i called it a useless topic was to prevent a flame war, but i sincerly do not believe it is useless.

I believe in the importance of remembering and recognizing community growth, even in something as simple and small as telling people that “Elysiun chat” now has 1000+ topics. I also believe it is very relavent for the “elysiun chat” forum instead of the off topic forum because it relates dirrectly to this forum.

So for everyone, smile that the blender community is a wonderful growing community and laugh at such “useless posts”. understand that they represent the growth of the community and it’s personality, and not mindlessly posted :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you skontar, detritus, and pofo.

and i am sorry that i upset you valarking, you are my guru.

(gargola) #9

have you posted before here Nempko? if not,then welcome to the forum!(remember me?) :smiley: :smiley:

(nempko) #10

i have not posted a topic before, but i have replied.

thank you gargola for your very nice welcome.

i signed up to elysiun when it first started, so i was one of the first people to sign up. but i like to listen more than i like to speak.

i have seen this wonderful community grow, and i am pleased where it is heading. I feel great being a part of this community

thank you.

(The Lurker) #11

Hey you’re just trying to cheat your way to Forum Monkey :wink:

One post closer :slight_smile:

(nempko) #12

what is a blender monkey?

::wispers:: they must not know my secret plan :wink:

(gargola) #13

Just like me! LOL he he he! :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(blengine) #14

blender the magnificent! forum monkeys reign! bow before us! join or be killed! be thrashed! be deformed and mutilated!

(pofo) #15

I agree completely. (Wouldn’t have done that yesterday though ;))

  1. pofo

(Timonides) #16

and i am sorry that i upset you valarking, you are my guru.

valarking is your guru…???

O.K. That’s it!!! Someone delete this worthless piece of sht thread…!Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh… @#####_$$(^^^&&… :x :x :x

Naahhhh!!! Don’t worry… I am just kidding!!! I surely don’t think your post as useless!!! And I certainly don’t wish it deleted.

I could even say I like that valarking guy!!! But… don’t tell no one my little secret!!! promise???

Anyway I’ve got to go now…

see 'ya


(snowy_duck) #17

i think blender is great cough noobie cough cough

(nempko) #18

LOL skontar, your a great comedian!

by saying that valarking is my guru, i do not mean in terms of blender skills or anything related to imediate skill, i mean in him making fun of this thread.

let me elaborate. By being hostile towards my thread, he is testing my patience. He is helping me train and dicipline myself and my patience, hence is a guru. He is a teacher because he is helping me improve myself. so yes, in this sense, valarking is my guru.

(gargola) #19

hey Valarking,be nice or you will force me to release my beast!!! you know that this freak will haunt you the rest of your life!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! be afraid! ha ha ha! :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

(Timonides) #20

Now I get it!!!

So my boss, every time he calls me an incompetent piece of sh*t, he is actually trying to help me train and discipline my self and my patience…

Ohhh!!! That’s a relief!!! I have missunderstood the poor guy. All that time I thought he was just an a$$hole…

My boss is my teacher. No! He is my GURU!!!

Now I will remove his photograph from my dart board, as soon as I get home. I shall miss the target practicing though…

Thanks for the enlightenment…