Blender themes collection proposal

Hi, what about a sticky post where only reply allowed is a link to a downloadable .b.blend file?
A sort of skin collection…

Note: on winXP if you rename it you’re not able anymore to recall it .b.blend 'cause win does not accept names starting with a full stop (as far as I know… correct me if I’m wrong!)

Yeah, the windows UI has some over zealous validation, you can do it via a DOS box tho with “ren”


a “skin collection” sounds as a great idea…
let’s go!

Maybe the next version of Blender (2.31) can have a list of preset themes built-in.

Waste of space.

People can make their own themes. It would be great if you could upload them here. But I doubt that will be allowed.

Why it would not be allowed?

Waste of space? How many MB does one theme use? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the idea :smiley:

Until there is a file that one can save just the theme color data to, people with custom .b.blends can’t use it.