Blender 'themes'

where can I get different themes themes (get different default colors and gradients in blender)?



Only, when I choose a theme, I click the picture, and instead of letting me save the .py file, it just shows me the script in text. What do I do with the text?

Edit >> Select All >> Copy. Then open Notepad (better than Word because it doesn’t mess with tabs and stuff) and Paste. Save As >> All Files (down at the bottom) and type in Save.


Thanks again…

I got another problem though!

Now, I’ve copied the script into C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts and when I open blender, I open the script window and the script isn’t found there. Any help?

you have to regenerate the script list. I think it is at the top of the list in the script window, although i don’t have blender handy right now.

I tried that, and it’s still not there.

I think an easier way, and this will make sure you got it correctly, is to right click on the picture of the theme you want, and go “save target as” into your scripts directory. If that doesn’t work, post back again, and I’ll tell you how to set your scripts path, though it should work automatically.

When I right click on the picture, the selection “Save Target As” is greyed, I had that idea as well sigh. What’s this other way?

Well make sure that this is in the top of the .py file.

# """ 
# Name: 'Rounded' 
# Blender: 237
# Group: 'Theme' 
# Tooltip: 'Change current theme' 
# """ 

This is what registers it in your themes. If it doesn’t look like this, copy and paste this at the very top. Delete the code that’s there if it looks very similar to this and replace it with this one.

Also, it might be better to just go back and try copying and pasting again and make sure you have everything.

The script will only show in the Scripts window if it has the appropriate !BPY header. Then you need to hit “Update Menus” in the scripts main menu (or in the User Prefs window in FilePaths click the left-hand icon in the Python field) for it to show.

{Why have a special slot for themes is beyond me since you only ever use 2 or 3 in your lifetime anyway. Isn’t it easy enough to get it thru the text window?}

Anyhow, save yourself the grief and open it in the text editor and hit Alt-P.


blazer, I added it; doesn’t work.

Fligh, opened the .py file into the text editor, and when I hit alt+p nothing happened, I also tried Right-clicking>>>Execute Script, not working.

Give us a link to the script.


Tested in 2.37a windoze. Opened in the Text editor with Alt-P and it worked first time.


hmm, still doesn’t work

Do you have Python 2.3.x installed? I’m not suggesting that it’s necessary, it’s just that because I have it installed I don’t know if not having it is maybe your problem.



Another strange thing is that you had to Copy and Paste the .py code. When I downloaded it, it came in as a .py file… I never saw the code.