blender themes

i have just created this theme that i like (got a bit bored of grey) but every time i reopen blender i have to go through the theme setting to put it back (this takes me about 15 mins), so my question is, is there a way to save a theme so you dont have to recreate it every time i open blender.

ps if anyone is wondering what my theme looks like, it looks like this:


Ctrl+U = Save user defaults.

The theme is hideous tho.

yes, crtl+u-key and, indeed, kinda too little variation, for my tastes, also you should be able to save/import themes a s .py files for sharing purposes, if you wish, not sure how though… :stuck_out_tongue:

check out my totaly sweeeeeeeet interface. it inspires me for some reason.


I have an idea…

I have an idea…

haha… care to expand on that?

anyone know how to export the themes so we can back them up and share them?

now that would be kewl

If you go to “export” (under the main file menu), you can choose “save current theme” This will prompt you for a location and a file name.
Than, you can open the .py file you generated in the text editor, and press alt-p to run it. It will change your theme to the one specified.
Hope it helps…

UbuntuStudio, eh? :wink:

Well, beats changing the OS theme, I guess. :wink: I should have a go at doing Blender “Human”. :wink: ::sigh:: Although, maybe I should wait until I get my hands on the new black and orange theme they’re talking about… Save myself a step. :wink:

You people have a strange taste for your inspiration, if I may say so…

Here’s mine for those who wanna see :smiley:
<-- .B.blend file (copy/paste it into your blender folder, replacing normal .B.blend file)

Here’s my scary :wink:


i think mines still the best!

Pash, you COULD post that in the topic I made for sharing .b.blends…

Here’s the thread.

I work best under the g-Darkish theme:

Gives it a professional look :stuck_out_tongue: The second monitor line is just after the IPO editor.


ZapperJet, you have one SERIOUS setup! That is nice! Especially looking at your system specs in your signature.

Edit: Here’s mine:

Okay, here is the theme and .b.blend I have been playing with recently:

The .b.blend file is distinctly meant for a dual monitor setup, at 1280*1024 resolution. It has 5 separate screens, each dedicated to a particular function (texturing, physics, etc.).

The .zip file also contains a .py file that will only change the theme, if you don’t want to use the dual-screen layout…

[Dual Monitor Grey Pro](’s

I like your setup, CJ Maynard, but it’s too Max style for me. I prefer one viewport set up to auto-adjust perspective. :yes:

Anyways, here’s a blend file of my setup. I’m afraid I don’t have a python. But the theme is a slightly edited “g-Darkish”. Google it.


How do u get blender to go to 2 monitor setup, i have 2 monitors, but could never figure it out.

Easy-Hit the restore down (windows) button, then manually stretch & expand the window out across both monitors.You will have to stretch it out each time you open it, though…