Blender to 3ds Max 2010 (not export, import)

I want to learn 3ds max now since Blender does not have some vital functions that is necessary in spaceship/scifi modeling (inset, proper bevel). I know there are workarounds but with for example Lightwaves inset tool it takes a mouse click:p

Does anyone know of any tutorials that is targeted for people moving from blender to 3ds max? Or any plugins that makes it more like blender (viewport navigating, hotkeys)?

Also, those of you that master Blender and 3ds, which, in your opinion, is best or most efficient for scifi modeling (eg. non character modeling)?

Also i think I should say that I think Blender is awesome but it has some flaws:(

Blender does have scripts for both inset and bevel, which do a reasonably good job afaik. Besides, many things that can’t be done in Blender can be done in Wings3d - avery good, free, subdivision modeler - and vice versa. You’ll find plenty of tutorials in Youtube for Wings (and Blender).

Of course, 3dsMax is a good modeller - though not without it’s own share of irritations. And the newest version perhaps has good realtime viewing – not to mention the superb Mental Ray renderer.

Good luck, either way :slight_smile:

The 3 on their own can do fantastic space ships.

In Wings, you can try “intrude” (or extrude region-normal. But difffernt results) . In blender, I think you can use the plugin solidify selection.

I prefer Wings for characters/objects, tho.

Oh, I would like to master those great 3D applications, but they are very expensive, and even worst, they don’t work on a Linux system!
So…thank you very much, Blender Foundation! :wink:

I have maya, and 3dsmax. Nvidia even makes special drivers for Debian spinoffs (Ubuntu, ect).

Wait until version 2.5 of blender then you can make it look just like 3ds if you want.

To learn 3ds there was once an application called Gmax, You can pass files back and fourth between blender and gmax via the .OBJ exporter and importers.

As far as the bevel functions, there is one in mesh edit mode, that acts diffrently depending on your selection method (edge,vertex,or face)

There is also a modifier that bevels things.

If you are serious about learning Maya or 3ds School is the best way to get a quick jump on things.
3Ds is really outdated now. There are a lot of studios still using it, but IMHO if you want to get a job stick with Maya and Zbrush to make the normalmaps and such.

Unless you want to work for an archetect, I suggest staying away from lightwave.

But if you are just modeling for your own pleasure/hobby , Blender, and Wings 3d are the cheapest way to go. Plus there is far more FREE tutorials for blender and wings.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think there’s any use in making Max interface like Blender since it won’t behave like it.

Here’s one article on using Max 2009. Since it comes recommended by a Blender guru, it should be useful.

Good luck.

Edit: This is about buildings, though, not spaceships. Sorry