Blender to 3DS Max 8

Hey guys,

I’ve been using blender for the psych lab I work in to create animations used in experiments. I was asked to explore other animation programs to find out if one would be worth buying mainly for my use. I decided to download the 30 trial of 3DS Max 8 both because I’ve read about it’s usefulness, and also for more selfish reasons. (Jobs tend to require knowledge of 3DS Max more often than other programs)

I was wondering if anyone who has moved from Blender to 3DS Max knew of any good tutorials to smooth the learning of a new interface and other differences. I’ve started on the 3DS Max bundled tutorials, but they expect you to learn the different interface commands separately so I’m constantly jumping around in the tutorial and help windows trying to figure out what they already expect me to know. Any help here would be appreciated.