Blender to 3DS Max

Hi there, I’ve been searching the forums for a couple of days and haven’t seen an answer to my question, so here it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a model of a house in Max, and exported it to Blender to fix some messy parts and also convert to a triangular strip. This model is going to be used in a game.

Okay, so I finished fixing it in Blender and tried to export to 3ds. no problems, except when I imported the file back into max it was… Crushed… But I remember reading a thread a while ago that Blender had a 3ds export problem so I tried it with .obj format, the model is not crushed but there appear to be black faces on the model. Nothing else wrong with it. But I am using Max to texture the model, I prefer this. Is there a solution to this black face problem? I can supply printscreens if anyone needs them.


Hi Spikae,

to transfer geometry from Blender to MAX, the OBJ format works fine. We use it every day. It might be, that Your model is not very clean modelled.
If You have black faces in MAX it sounds that there is a problem with the normals.
Did You try to unify the normals in MAX ?
If that does not make it better, try to flip the normals of the black faces.
That should solve the problem.

Hey Luminasky, I have tried various things like that, even resetting the normals in Blender before exporting. But I shall try these things as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Unifying the normals didn’t work, but flipping them inverts the black and green. So I think I need to re-calculate them outside the model. Somehow. :stuck_out_tongue: