Blender to Android APK

Hello all.
I’ve been away for a while, and it’s been a year since I last asked the question. So I’m throwing it back out there.

Is there now a ‘easier’ way to get a blender game onto the Android marketplace.

I’ve seen Gamekit and Blendplayer, neither of which seem viable still.

No significant changes during the last year

I think, there will be no need at all to port a game to an ARM architecture very soon. The chinese market is floated with tablets/phablets supporting win 8/win 10. People are playing dota 2,team fortress and CS:GO on those devices already.

if the bge has the shader model updated,and a android compatility shader mode is added, and then multitouch is added, and some library work is done, then any game will be able to be exported.

I am told it will be alot of work,


The render being updated is on the developers radar for sure, but
I have seen no plans.

there is talk of ‘rethiking logic’ but I have not seen any plans.

about libraries, I am just going off what I have been told, and I don’t know anything specific.

Thanks for the info.