Blender to Apple Motion export script

Here are two new templates I created with Motion and Blender:

Thank you again for the Script! It rocks!!! :slight_smile:

Very nice, thanks for sharing these. The colour changes in post and drop zones really help show how useful compositing is for real-time adjustment in 3D work.

I moved house recently and I haven’t been keeping track of this script much. I still need to put the Euler filter in and I noticed some minor sliding in your first template. You can see when the label/drop zone comes out of the box, it’s not aligned with the top of the card.

I don’t think this would be caused by the NTSC flag that I also need to add into the script as the difference there is only 1 frame in 1000 or something. Check if the tracking keyframes perhaps need adjusted by 1 frame left or right. Move to the first frame in Motion where you see the drop zone appear and push the imported keyframes either left or right until the drop zone angle aligns with the top of the card.

Thanks for sharing - gonna try this soon. Motion is kewl.

Hello and Thank you for the compliment, I was wondering where you went, I thought you got tired of my constant comments :slight_smile:
Congrats on your move I hope is was a pleasant one.

In regards to the script comment, Yes I did have to fudge with the keyframes manually after if came into motion from blender as it was not lining up properly. All I remember was that I had to manually adjust some keyframes.

I am getting ready to work on another template, that I would like to share for free on my site.

I would love for it to work in Motion 4 as well. In reveal template I had to stop the camera motion before the cloth was removed so I could use it in Motion 4 as well.

Usually I make my templates in Motion 4 and then update them to Motion 5 as plenty of people are still using FCP7 and I end up with two versions.

I could send you the work progress if you would like.

Yeah it was ok, I own very few things so moving my stuff was easy but it’s all the little hassles like changing addresses on everything, buying new furniture etc. Still, it was for the better - I actually have heating now :D. Just in time for Winter.

You should never have to do that. You should only ever shuffle all the keyframes left or right to align them. If there’s a misalignment after doing this, something isn’t right with the exported values. It’s quite a good idea to export markers to test alignment e.g an extra layer with a checkerboard or something on it and try to align it with a similar texture in the compositor. The AE and Shake scripts should be almost pixel accurate so I’m sure the Motion script can get close to this too. It needs to be if people want to use it in production.

Can you send me a .blend file of the parcel animation with everything deleted except for the card that comes out of the box and the camera? This way I can check what’s going on with that scene.

Heating is nice :slight_smile: At least in Florida we do not have to worry much about it.

I am sending you the blender file you requested now. Thank you

I had a look at this today. I have made some improvements available at the original link.

  • added NTSC support so 29.97 should be fine now
  • output all frame range so the keyframes aren’t beyond the end of the Motion script range
  • took 90 degree rotations off objects besides camera so by default they should be the right way up. Not sure why I had it the other way tbh.

When I tested out the short animation you sent, I was able to get the objects to align quite closely but it seems to be rendering the depth wrong at times. I remember this being dependent on the aperture settings in AE and Maya but these settings in Motion aren’t externally visible and adjusting them in the file doesn’t have any effect.

It should be possible to get fairly close alignment by animating the x, y, z position of the objects you insert into Motion by small amounts but I’ll try to find out what setting is causing it.

Moving left, right, up, down, in, out seems to be ok. It’s going out slightly when objects rotate towards/away from the camera but only in terms of layering i.e an object appears too far back or forward - the angles should line up just fine.

When you import your rendered clip, drag it so it has the exact same in-point in Blender. If you started rendering at frame 312, drag the in-point to 312 and set it to a 2D clip. For your imported items, make sure to reset any transform that gets applied to it when it becomes the child of a key-framed object (especially z-location).

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will give it a test with my next project. I will keep you posted.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

I have modified the script for Blender 2.6. There was an API change that affected some of the transform code and I fixed some transforms for 2.5 too.

The Blender 2.6 version is at:

The Blender 2.5 version is at:

Let me know of any issues with the script.

Hi, your script is gorgeous. I’ve used it in some scenes I made in Blender, with fantastic results, but now I’m in trouble. I’m working on a scene in which the camera focal lenght changes in time, and there’s no way to import correctly the camera datas in Apple Motion… they are always different from my original scene. May be that the script doesn’t work if I change focal lenght in time? Thanks, Beniamino

Yeah, it wasn’t set to export focal length animation. I have updated the script to do this at the following link:

Let me know if that works for you.

Wonderful!!! Now I cant, but in the next hours I’ll try it. Thank you, you’re very kind! Ben

osxrules, thank you, your new script is perfect! Fast and clear! Thanks! Ben

Thanks for the script! But I tried it and when importing the camera in Motion 4 the rotations of the camera don’t match what I have in Blender…

Can you PM me a link to a .blend file I can test? If it’s a production file, you can duplicate it and remove everything except the camera and an object or two. If you can zip the file along with a test render and Motion export if you have it and upload it to a site like the following that would be good:

Sorry for the late reply :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure, I’ll upload to sendspace a zip file with all the content!
I am not sure why, but the camera fov seems wrong… I hope you can solve the issue, cause I use Motion a lot! :smiley:
Thanks man

Hello and good day! I hope all is well.

I had a question. What are the chances of Blender adding this to their permanent Add-Ons?

Also I thought maybe this is a script Apple themselves would be interested in since Motion could use some help in the 3D department. There are 3rd party solution but nothing as powerful as Blender.

Let me know what you think and have an amazing day! :slight_smile:


I would have to develop it in their bundle format but that should be ok to do. I’m not sure how easy it is to do updates though and I think I have to add some GPL license code but I’m not sure what. I’ll check it out though and see how other add-ons are built.

Hello OSX!

I think it would be great if you did since your script is incredibly helpful.

Please let me know if you need any help. Have an amazing weekend! :slight_smile:

Hello! I hope all is well. :slight_smile:
I wanted to know if there is a way I can export multiple camera from Blender to Motion. As of now when I try to do more than one camera it exports them as layers and not cameras.

Thank you and have an amazing day! :slight_smile: