Blender to Blitz3d


I’m using the game engine Realm Crafter, and it likes its 3d models to be in a Blitz3d format(.b3d) Does anyone know of a blender to blitz3d exporter that keeps the uv coordinates in tact?

Thanks in advance!


The .x format will import into blitz with uv cords and textures. Some time the normals are reversed its easy to fix in blender or blitz. You can write a blitz program that will save the mesh as a .b3d. I cannot get an animation from blender into a .b3d btw blitz 3d uses dx7. The demo of blitz3d is free. If you need help writing the program to save a mesh in blitz let me know I will share the one I have, I got it from a blitz site.

Thank you for your help, and I would really appreciate the exporter if you could give me a link, I don’t really know how to script anything but in Macromedia Flash:o

I cant seem to find it right now I haven’t used Blitz3d in a while and am not having luck writing a .b3d mesh exporter tonight. I had one that worked. I know Milkshape has a .b3d exporter that works Milkshape is inexpensive and has a functional trial. If you can find a way to get animated meshes from Blender to Blitz3d please share it with me. I might take up Blitz again.


I don’t even use Blitz, I just need an export to a file format because the game engine I’m using only accepts .b3d…

If anyone can figure out how, it would be much appreciated!


export as .obj ,.x or 3ds or some others then import into Milkshape
and export as .b3d. I think you may need to download a .b3d export plugin for Milkshape if you do its on the milkshape site somewhere. That is the easiest way I have found. If you find a working exporter for Blender let us know.