BLENDER to C4D: best way to import camera path?

Hey everyone, I’m working in C4D and AE doing some compositing where I’m receiving the camera path from a Blender artist in the form of what looks like a depth pass of the camera movement.

I know this is a hot topic/confusing based on the amount of links I’ve seen but haven’t been able to address my issue:

what is the best way to import camera path/movement from blender into C4d so I can composite elements into the shot.

The screen shot below is what the blender artist sent me.
Any input would be appreciated in this crazy time, I’m not familiar with blender and not sure of what file type to ask for or what is possible compatibility wise.

hope everyone is well


Use the fbx format. I saved the the scene in Blender and opened it in C4D and it worked perfectly fine.

Thanks Ztreem! so the same camera path would be applicable?
I appreciate your input!


The camera imported to c4d from blender will move exactly the same as in blender if everything is imported right. As you can see from my screenshot at frame 40 the frame looks the same in both applications.

As @Ztreem suggested, you can use FBX. I also like to use Alembic.
Just bear in mind that the animation will be baked so you won’t be able to adjust the camera animation afterwards (or at least, it won’t be easy!).

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