Blender to C4D

With my student discount i was able to get a copy of C4D to use in class and wonder about how objects in blender might be able to be used in C4D. I exported the object in Blender to a .3ds file and that worked but curious if that is the best method of doing it. Is there a file format that Blender can export that may be better to use then 3ds or should i tbe ok with that file format. I thought maybe xsi. I just tried .3ds because i figured 3ds Max is a major program so C4D should include support for it. Thanks for any input in advance.

Try better *.obj or *.lwo , probably C4d support one of those, specically should do with obj.

*.3ds is worse format than those above.

Oh, and if u also purchased the needed module,enjoy one of the best hair systems (and its animation) ever. 8)

Blender will get there in that soon, I guess :slight_smile:

… or .FBX which IMHO is even more complete than the other two.

yep, less installed in free tools, but yup, is newer and more featured.

I used fbx to convert Max Character Studio bipeds to just bones and weights kyeframes animation…many game engines do only eat that, that is , the max exporters or engine loaders.So fbx in Max is also good for that. The format was good for me for the purpose.