Blender to Catia V5 conversion question


I have been trying to export from Blender to Catia v5. The problem is that the only formats I can import with Catia (.3dxml, .CATPart, .cdd, .svg, and a few others), Blender can not export to (though I can ironically go from Catia to Blender via .wrl). Is anyone aware of an exporter for Blender that will export to a Catia capable format?

Either a yes or no appreciated.


You’re not going to have much luck ending up with something editable within CATIA, but STL will likely be your best bet. I’ve not tried going B->C with this format, tho its the best option for going C->B. For assemblies of parts, use CATIA’s “Generate CATPart from Product” option under the tools menu prior to creating your STL.

Keep us posted on your results! :slight_smile: