Blender To Daz Studio Conversion Help

Hi there to those that may see this, I wanted to know if it’s possible to import blender assets into DAZ Studio or unity/whatsoever? I wanted to see if i can develop my own characters/etc to import my creative models into DAZ Studio so i don’t have to pay for any assets. I was wondering do i need to purchase assets in daz studio to develop my own ideas or can i build everything from scratch?

You can make your own assets in Blender and import them into Daz. From there, it gets a little complicated; if you are trying to make a new standalone character, you’ll have to learn about Daz’s rigging system, which is fairly complicated due to the “limitations” of that program. Making clothing/static props is easier, but involves several steps which must be followed precisely to get good results.

I suggest looking up some tutorials on how to do what you’re looking for – there are quite a few out there.