Blender to Director: Textures

I’m working on getting blender models into Adobe Director 11. I’m doing this by:

  1. exporting blender file to Softimage XSI
  2. converting the .xsi file to .w3d using the Softimage xsi2w3d converter, available from sourceforge.
  3. importing the .w3d file into Director 11.

I can get the models to convert fine, but I can’t get any materials or textures to convert. If I apply any material other than the default blender material, the model comes into Director completely black. The documentation for the xsi2w3d converter lists the following limitations:

  • Textures must be specified in PIC, TGA, PPM, JPG, GIF or BMP format. The Shockwave 3D converter will ignore unsupported or not found textures.
  • Scaling and tiling are not supported yet.
  • Cropping and scaling of textures is not converted correctly.
  • You cannot assign more than one texture to an object. The object will not be converted.
  • The Shockwave rendering engine uses texture maps to simulate rendering effects. This is not currently supported by XSI2W3D, which currently applies textures in the shader’s base channel.
  • A texture’s alpha channel is supported but the result in Shockwave is a hole because you can only export a single texture. Therefore, you can’t use the alpha channel for decal effects.
  • 3D textures are not supported. This is a limitation of Shockwave 3D.
  • Vertex colors are not supported. This is a limitation of Shockwave 3D.
  • A material’s specular value is always white.
  • Objects with shaders attached will not be converted. Delete the shaders before converting the object.I’m just doing a test with a basic cube, and a .tga texture applied to it. I have the .tga texture and the .xsi file in the same directory as the xsi2w3d converter and I’m running it from the command prompt (if the texture files aren’t in the same directory, the log file gives you a ‘texture not found’ message). So, it’s finding the texture but not converting it. I’m guessing this has to do with the limitations above, especially the ones about scaling, tiling, and shaders not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to set up the material in blender so it will convert? Is it possible to delete the shaders? Any ideas on texture mapping that might work? Thanks!

As someone who models exclusively in Blender, and is working on creating a game with Director in mind for putting it all together as the final game’s .exe etc, I have a serious interest in seeing answers to 3nder’s questions in this thread as well. I didn’t even know that Adobe had decided to make Director 11, I’m still working with Macromedia Director 10.

Anyway, bump. Time has passed…any word folks???


Rachel :slight_smile: