Blender to Director

I am having trouble importing 3d graphics created with blender into Director MX. I’ve tried exporting from blender as a .OBJ and using the Director .OBJ converter extra, but my 3d object imports in looking nothing like what I designed. I was wondering perhaps if there is a way to use an external program to convert any of the formats available in blender ie. .vrml, .ac3d,…etc. to a .w3d which will import directly into Director, or if I missed a step using the Director converter? I appreciate any input, thanks for your time.

maybe the trial version of Cinema4D can help - it has very robust importers/exporters. i’m not sure abt. director support, though (w3d)

no luck with Cinima4D, worth the try though. Anyone else have an avenue of attack for this problem? I’m all ears, thanks solmax for the idea.

OBJ is a universal format so it should look right. The only trouble I had with OBJ is that sometimes the axes are the wrong way round. Are you sure the model isn’t just on it’s side?

What formats does director MX import?

There is a program called polytrans. I think there’s a demo for Windows here:

That converts pretty much every format known to man but it’s expensive - I don’t know if the demo will work well enough for what you need. I’ve tried cinema4D before but the demo didn’t let me export.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many good 3d converters for free. I reckon it might make a good sourceforge project though. A lot of people would find that sort of thing really useful.

What other formats can that version of Director import? Maybe there are some Blender exporters around that can do this, but aren’t in the main distribution. It is strange that the OBJ export didn’t come out right - maybe as a last ditch attempt, try importing OBJ into Wings 3D, then exporting OBJ to Director via Wings…