Blender to DX ???

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question on. Meh, here goes

I’m curious to know how well the DirectX exporter for Blender works. Does it export models, animations and textures? I’ve exported a file to .X before but I didn’t have any 3d engine to port it into to see what the result was.

But if anyone knows if blender has a stable DX exporter, any advice is appreciated. If blender isn’t stable enough for it, I was maybe thinking about getting XSI if thats any better.

But I really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

blenders dx exporter seems to work from my simple tests.
but a script sucking a bit is probably not a good reason to switch software if you can take the time to report a bug. since updating scripts inst hard…

Have a go and if it dosnt work, report a bug or post here. - example blend file, description of what you expect. some viewer that shows the error.

well, i have exported to .x before, and then imported into quest3D quite nicely, though that was a simple chest object… no animation, though the uv-unwrap was fine as well!

mmh, maybe too late, but:

I’d suggest to use the Micosoft MeshViewer (I think is recently has been renamed to DirectXViewer ). It’s a little viewer for x-Files that ships with all DirectX-SDKs and if I remember correctly, is can also be downloaded from Microsoft.
As long as the mesh viewer displays the mesh correctly, there is a high chance that a game engine will do it, too…