Blender to EXE?

(darkstar1) #1

I got regular Blender and want to create games to sell. I was wondering how to change games into exe format. Or is there another way? Or do I have to get Blender Publisher?

(Ecks) #2

You msut have blender publisher. sorry man :frowning:

(darkstar1) #3

I saw in another post that some blender stuff was made with S W exe proggie. What is that? Is it possible to sell using that program? And if I have to use Blender Publisher where can I get it for a cheap price?

(Ecks) #4

Do you work for a company?

(darkstar1) #5

Well, in a way I guess. Nothing big though. We actually haven’t produced a game for sale. We were into the free games kinda stuff until we invisioned this blender idea. Why would this matter though?

(dwmitch) #6

It’s not possible to get the liscences or the software necessary to produce commercial stand-alone games with Blender at this time. Hopefully Blender will come out of its coma, but until then you’ll have to rely on programs like, but their web site has been down today. I don’t know if it’s just temporary troubles or if that company went belly up as well.

By the way, I know I will be labeled a traitor for passing on this information, but it’s just not possible to make a profit off of Blender, at least not at this point. However, it can still be used to make models for 3DRad.

(darkstar1) #7

I looked at the website and saw some interesting things and it looks like 3drad could be useful until blender can be up and running again. But I saw 3drad is similar to Blender in the sense that it also has a option to buy the program. Can 3drad create games in its Freeware version?

What do you mean by Blender being able to make models for 3drad?

(dwmitch) #8

The free version is for evaluation purposes only. For $19.00 you can get the lite version with a compiler, but I don’t think you can sell the games made with the lite version. Check the info section of the site for information about the rest.

Also, 3D Rad doesn’t have a built in modeler. You will have to use a program like Blender or Anim8or to create models for it.