Blender to Flash

Does anyone know if there is a way to convert blender games to flash? Or any other way to turn a blender game into a game type in which you can submit it to game sponsors?


You can use a lib 3D to flash as “Papervision” ( and “Away3D”.( )

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Hey thanksss so much
I dont understand, what is papervision?

Away 3D look nice tho

You can use 3d models made in blender with papervision or away3d, but there is no way to convert the game logic or Python Script to AS.
Flash it self, without the benefits of 3dengines(papervision, away3d) don’t use 3d acceleration or graphic cards GPU’s so…converting 3dgame made in blender with python script to flash is out of the question.
BUT otherwise using flash in blenderGE is far more intresting…there is a software called scaleForm, Crysis and other top noch games are using it for their interfaces.
It will be very nice to have something like that for blender.
ScaleForm renders flash movies as textures of triangles in a 3d world,but remains all the functionality in the swf. This is perfect for multifunctional complex interfaces and various 2d effects.

whoa that was a lot to take i. or at least it sounded like it. ill read that again haha. I’ll have to really look int it more in depth and see what the best way to go at it would be. thanks so much haidme

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