Blender to Half Life 2

I’m not sure if this has been asked before, i did a brief search for “Half life 2” but i ended up finding posts about people who ran hl2 easily and blender laggy. So it didn’t help.

I’ve suddenly become interested in modelling (not sure why). I’ve quickly just used the cube blender starts up with, uv mapped it, exported to SMD or whatever and put it into the models folder. However, apparently i’ve got to put “VTF”, “QC”, “TGB” or something (haven’t a clue actually) files.

Now, as of not being a very experienced modeler, and certainly not being used to trolling through the entire Valve folder (Okay actually i am, every time i find a new map or mod <_<).

Please help, i want to model but haven’t a clue how, and as far as i know i haven’t even come across the problem of physboxes yet O_O.

-OllieArt, ye ollde newbie!

Search for hl2 modeling tutorials, because exporting to SMD is a step in the right direction.

I suggest