Blender to LWO script??

Hello there.
Ok ive never used Blender in my entire life. Im trying to export my CAD model to a lightwave format(.LWO) (Originall from solidworks). I can successully import it to Blender (hurray!!!), but i dont seem to find a script (or anything like it) that will help me export it to a LWO format. Does anybody know of any?
i have python 2.5.2 and blender 2.48
running on windows xp.

thanks very much to help a super newb :stuck_out_tongue:

blender can export to .lwo already- file/export/lwo

Don’t take this too much like… well, click on File (i.e. save), highlight (move your cursor to) Export, and in the list you’ll see “Lightwave (.lwo)” as an option to save the selected object(s) for output.

WHERE??? HOW??? ive never used it before!!! and when i go “File->Export->” i only get VRML, DXF and STL. Nothing else… why??? do i go click something else? or what??? im sorry, im such a nub =(

In the default blender installation there are roughly 24 more entries in the Import menu below the VRML, DXF and STL entries.
If these are missing something probably went wrong in the installation process (nothing new with the windows installer unfortunately)

There are a few forum threads about installing blender over an existing installation with different path settings that may cause problems with scripts not being available. Here’s one of them:

If nothing else helps you can acquire the lwo export script here
and put them in the correct (depending on your installation type) scripts directory.