Blender to max

Is there anyway to import my model to 3dsmax? I find it hard to model anything besides abstract shapes in that program. I’t can’t read .blend files (obviously) So how can I convert blender models so i can render them in 3Ds max?

hippl5, check out Bob Holcomb’s 3DS export python script. Open the .py file in Blender’s text window and hit ALT-P to run it.

[edit]Bob’s site seems to be down at the moment… just do a search here for 3DS exporters… or at[/edit]

Thanks, but i can’t look at the page for some reason.



Tried that, found the link mentioned above. Nothing else.


Export your model to VRML 2.0 (aka VRML97).

Import that wrl file to 3ds Max.

3ds Max 7 and 8 can import obj files as well. Both obj and wrl preserve quads, which are a must for subdivision objects. (be sure to export your models without subdivision)

(Sorry for being so late… but at least it works)

also I have found if you export you mesh to wings and then from wings export it to 3ds works really well. you can be sure you meshes are perfect when you do it this way.