Blender to Maxwell exporter problems on Mac

As a relatively new user of Blender, I have not been able to install the BtoMW exporter for Maxwell. I’m using Blender v2.71 and Maxwell render running on Mac OS 10.9.4.
I downloaded the exporter from this link:

and I tried to follow these installation instructions which were linked on the previous link:

The problem is, that the instructions are for Windows, and apparently the Mac version has the files all set up differently :confused: These were the files that were downloaded:

I tried just compressing the original download folder and installing it as it is, but of course it didn’t work. Does anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile:

Download the zip file from your link above

Use the ‘Install from File’ button in the User Preferences / Addons panel and enable the addon (tickbox). Then press the ‘Save User Settings’ button so it is enabled everytime you start blender

Then change to the Maxwell Render Engine