Blender to maya coordinates MESS renders blender useless for referencing

using blender 2.65 ,
exporting multiple objects as an fbx to maya is utterly impossible if I dont apply all the modifiers manually and also apply all rotations and locations.Let me illustrate. I have a scene set up in blender, objects are mostly placed as I want them to go in maya.
Most objects in the scene have been modelled as non destructively as possible, to make it easy to further develop them. My intention is to export all the BG assets and apply modifiers during export, not before- because that would flatten them into something that is less easy to edit. Then I want to reference the blender FBX file in maya.

The problem comes from blender’s coordinate system being incompatible with maya and other 3d software (such as unity- i’ve had the same sort of issues with unity).
Let me make a point as to why blender is a pain in the ass and impossible to use for referencing files in other software. You always need to do changes to the fbx file in maya before its useful.

1.When I move an object in blender I cant have its pivot centered on the object and zero out transformations. When I apply translate and rotate, blender ALWAYS moves that pivot back to the center of the world. When you center the object’s origin on the object or the 3d cursor(where that pivot would be more useful), blender adds translate and rotate values to what you just zeroed out.

  1. When you export an fbx, depending on your settings blender will rotate your objects and those rotations and transklations that it added on export will be added to the fbx file. That is terrible when you need to export a bunch of objects and keep them with zeroed orientation and translation

3.Blender can NOT apply(zero out) the values on export step, so you have to manually in maya

4.If you want to export your objects and have them keep their place in the world (not be messed up like that):You need to apply rotate and translate. However, if you have multiple modifiers on an object, that breaks their effect completely (for example the mirror modifier gets messed up). So you need to apply those modifiers before you can apply rotate and location values (which moves the object’s origin to the freaking world origin 0 0 0). This then means you need to do that 50 objects for example- its a lot of manual labour to make up for a bad exporter.

  1. I tried to parent objects to nulls- creating a null controller for each object in the scene, and then zero out the translate and rotate on the null it self - blender did not allow me to zero out the location and rotation of null objects :frowning: . That did not fix it at all. While the null object was still a parent in the exported fbx, my assets were still completely messed up (see point 2)

So blender still messes up with the children of the objects that are on top of the hierarchy.How the hell can I export my assets without having to mess up my modelling source file?

All I want to do is transport them into maya and keep the placement and rotations in tact. Then I can zero out the values and center their pivot properly in maya. It seems like blender is not capable of that without doing several damaging to the source file things (applying modifiers, losing all the object pivots). :frowning: